Why You Should Consider Veneers

Would you like to enhance your smile and conceal minor tooth imperfections? Veneers offered by your dentist, Dr. Samia Rageb Hempel, offer an excellent way to revitalize your smile. Contact Park View Smiles in Chicago, IL to learn more!

Veneers improve many common teeth flaws

Veneers hide imperfections that affect your appearance. The porcelain or plastic tooth-shaped shells are attached to the fronts of your teeth with dental cement and can completely transform your smile.

The restorations are a good option if:

  • You wish you didn't have a gap between your teeth: If you've always felt a little self-conscious because of the gap between your front teeth, veneers offer a simple solution to the problem. After veneers are added to your teeth during a visit to our dental office, your gap will disappear immediately.
  • Wear and tear have taken a toll on your smile: Chips, small cracks, and other signs of wear and tear don't always affect the structure of your teeth, but they can certainly detract from your smile. Veneers keep minor damage concealed, renewing your smile.
  • Your enamel looks a little rough: Veneers hide bumps, pits, and uneven surfaces beneath a smooth layer of plastic or porcelain.
  • You've noticed some of your teeth look a little too short: Veneers extend the length of your teeth. It's a good option for teeth that are naturally short or have experienced a change due to wear and tear. If grinding your teeth is the cause, we may recommend that you wear a nightguard while you sleep. The guard will prevent damage to your new veneers and also protect your teeth.
  • You have a tooth that looks like it doesn't belong: When uniformity is an issue, veneers boost your smile. They offer an excellent way to improve the appearance of crooked, twisted, pointed, or oddly shaped teeth.
  • A discoloration has darkened your smile: Discolorations are very noticeable, even if they only affect one tooth. Veneers are available in almost any shade imaginable and can easily hide discolorations.
  • You wish you had a whiter smile: Veneers whiten your entire smile. Since the restorations are stain-resistant, you won't have to avoid common stain culprits, like tea, coffee, soda, and wine.

Renew your smile with veneers! Call Dr. Samia Rageb Hempel at Park View Smiles in Chicago, IL at (312) 726-5830 to schedule your appointment.

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