Let Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile

Dental crowns are very versatile in all the ways they can help improve your smile. They can protect a tooth that has been damaged by restoring it. Learn how dental crowns can help improve your smile by reaching out to your local Chicago dentist Dr. Samia Hempel of Park View Smiles.

Repairing a Damaged Tooth

Whether the culprit is injury or decay, teeth can become damaged and in need of repair. Teeth that are chipped or cracked can often be repaired using dental bonding, and dental fillings are usually enough to handle cavities. When significant tooth structure is lost, your dentist will suggest a dental crown to restore your tooth's natural appearance and to give it back its strength.

There are instances when teeth become discolored due to an injury. This happens because the tooth produces more dentin to reinforce it, which lies beneath the enamel and is darker in color so traditional whitening is not effective. A dental crown can also be useful in these circumstances.

Saving Teeth

Deep enough damage to a tooth can threaten the soft inner chamber, the pulp, which contains veins and nerves. Infection that reaches it can be extremely painful and can threaten the tooth, gums, and bone that supports it. For these situations, your dentist will likely perform a root canal in order to save your tooth. A root canal removes the infected soft tissue. The tooth will need the protection of a dental crown after a root canal.

Restoring a Lost Tooth

It's not always possible to save a tooth, and if you ever lose one your dentist may turn to either a dental implant or a dental bridge. Each procedure has its own set of benefits but what they have in common is that they use a dental crown to restore your smile.

Dental Crowns From your local Chicago dentist

If you believe your smile can be improved with the use of dental crowns, you can schedule a consultation with your local Chicago dentist Dr. Hempel of Park View Smiles. Book an appointment by dialing (312) 726-5830.

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